High Desert BMX

Bend, Oregon’s BMX Racing Organization

Residents and visitors of Bend can get involved with an activity that is exciting, healthy, and family oriented.


High  Desert BMX organizes bicycle motocross racing at Big Sky Sports Complex. 

BMX racing is the discipline of BMX biking that stresses the skilled navigation of the track at the fastest speed possible.  Bicyclists of all experience levels and age groups can enjoy a challenge during the practice sessions, workshops, and races at the track.

HDBMX provides a safe, structured, and positive place for people of both genders to ride, learn, and compete on a regular basis.  Practice sessions and workshops stress good sportsmanship, personal growth, and skills acquisition.

Races are organized so riders of similar skill level compete in the same groups, called motos. It is even common for entire families to race on the same day because each member has their own moto.


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